What is the best mirror for your space?

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An interior ‘must-have’ for every home, mirrors aren’t just decorative, they’re also used for checking our reflection, of course. But they are so much more useful than that.

They can, for instance, add light to a dull room by reflecting light when placed across from a window. In a similar fashion, they can open up a dull corner and add a colourful, interesting, or for example bohemian touch to a blank wall. An oversized mirror, meanwhile, can add drama to any wall setting. In other words, mirrors are actually an important part of our interior décor. So, it matters that you choose carefully when selecting a new one. The following are examples of the different types of mirrors available and why they work in particular spaces:


Round mirrors



A large circular mirror looks great above a fireplace or in any room, in fact, where there are a lot of straight, angular, horizontal and vertical lines. That’s because it adds a softer, more feminine touch. To get the right height for your mirror above the fireplace, measure the height of the fireplace itself then double it. Another tip is never to have the mirror wider than the fireplace as you don’t want the fireplace to look ‘swamped.’


Tall mirrors



Great in a small, cramped bathroom, a tall mirror adds light and depth to the space and draws the eye upwards, creating the illusion of space. Floor length mirrors are a must for the bedroom, but don’t restrict them to that. Large, full-length mirrors also add interest and depth to a sitting room or dining room.



@HouseBeautiful: “When hanging, think carefully about what the mirror will reflect. You want to pick up a great scene, like a pretty chandelier. “Mirrors show dust and fingerprints, so keep them clean with a lint-free cloth. Spritz your glass cleaner directly on the cloth, not the glass, to avoid damaging the frame.”


Arched mirrors

An arched mirror can make a statement in a hallway when hung above a console table. This type of mirror can really widen up a narrow hallway and give the impression of having a higher ceiling when hung above a door frame. Actually, because they’re so quirky with their inlaid wood squares, arched mirrors can really add an interesting flourish to any room in the home.


Smoke glass mirrors

This type of mirror is perfect for an art deco themed room. But it’s also great for a room containing lots of antiques since it certainly won’t look out of place.


Sunburst mirror



The classic sunburst mirrors, often reminiscent of Seventies décor, but has been updated so many times, looks great when it’s at the centre of a montage of picture frames, placed above a stairway or on the often-redundant blank wall beneath the steps. Then again, a set of three looks great above a headboard or along the wall in a hallway.


Regardless of whichever mirror you eventually choose, it’s going to introduce light and brighten up your home, so just have fun with it.




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