Posted On: 2022-05-23 11:41:44 ; Read: 61 time(s)
Floral patterns and prints can take on a huge variety of colours and styles, and some are more suited to certain types of interior design. For example country, modern, vintage and industrial-themed interiors can all benefit from a dab of florals but each in a different way so as to not disrupt the look and feel of the décor. For country homes, a d [...]
Posted On: 2022-04-06 13:02:27 ; Read: 166 time(s)
Often a vase can be decorative enough in itself without adding any flowers or other materials. We particularly like the fun, contemporary facial planters around these days, as well as the many textured tall and round ceramic vases which can add a touch of sophistication to any space. [...]
Posted On: 2022-03-10 18:05:59 ; Read: 193 time(s)
An interior ‘must-have’ for every home, mirrors aren’t just decorative, they’re also used for checking our reflection, of course. But they are so much more useful than that. [...]
Posted On: 2022-01-10 12:37:34 ; Read: 152 time(s)
As well as their own brands Dynasty Wallcoverings curate full design collections for clients and/or one-off wallcoverings for bespoke interior projects such as boutique hotels, bars and restaurants, educational, leisure and healthcare markets. [...]
Posted On: 2021-12-13 12:48:00 ; Read: 154 time(s)
A well-maintained mantelpiece can make an exceptional focal point for home interiors. Over the holidays this idea really comes into its own, with the ledge space providing room for lovely details and embellishments. [...]
Posted On: 2021-11-18 13:01:59 ; Read: 212 time(s)
Home styling can take many elements, but by making good use of new designs and fusing classic themes with modern approaches, you can transform your house into a wonderful winter wonderland. [...]
Posted On: 2021-10-12 10:01:47 ; Read: 320 time(s)
The nights are drawing in and the air is cooling down. That’s right, autumn is here. The autumnal months are a perfect time for furnishing the home with comfortable items dedicated to relaxation and warmth. Colour is also an essential factor to make the most of the season in your home during autumn. [...]
Posted On: 2021-04-05 18:45:21 ; Read: 338 time(s)
This spring, there’s a focus on the interior design trends towards naturalistic and organic styles which you’ll find in our spring collection. So, we’ve taken a look at how you can bring them into your home in subtle and simple ways to make your home feel spring-fresh and inviting. [...]
Posted On: 2021-01-23 17:26:41 ; Read: 442 time(s)
Open shelving is a look that anyone can pull off, no matter the style of their home, be it classic or contemporary. It’s all a matter of knowing what to display on your shelves without it looking messy or not thought out. Read on to find out our special United Furnishings top tips for styling your open shelving. [...]
Posted On: 2020-12-28 19:16:15 ; Read: 421 time(s)
For a lot of people, their New Year celebrations are traditionally based around a sumptuous feast making the dinner table (and dining room) a key focus for the festivities. Even if you are solo, or just a small group from your household, make your dining room somewhere you want to spend your time this New Year’s Eve. [...]
Posted On: 2020-11-30 19:35:20 ; Read: 578 time(s)
Winter is a period that sees us all spending a lot more time at home than we do the rest of the year. Every year the cold weather and long dark nights sends us scurrying into our living rooms in the search of some comforting hygge moments. Here’s how our new collection is giving our homes some Scandinavian comfort this winter. [...]
Posted On: 2020-08-06 10:06:35 ; Read: 568 time(s)
York is home to a fantastic variety of businesses. From boutiques to cafes and makers to designers, the city has some unique and exciting independent companies to explore. One of our favourites is Hattie Lloyd Home. [...]
Posted On: 2019-12-13 16:58:09 ; Read: 697 time(s)
There are few things that kick start the festive season more effectively than a good drink. From mulled wine to eggnog and champagne to Irish cream, now is the perfect time to crack open your bar, shake up some cocktails and invite your friends and family round for a good old-fashioned knees up. [...]
Posted On: 2019-11-11 14:49:47 ; Read: 799 time(s)
Interior furnishings and accessories make fantastic Christmas gifts. Helping your loved ones to create stylish homes and showing your nearest and dearest that you really care, furnishings and accessories could make the perfect solution to your festive gift conundrum. [...]
Posted On: 2019-09-16 14:27:19 ; Read: 1444 time(s)
Whether you deck your halls with holly, tinsel or fairy lights, giving your home a little attention now will help to ensure it looks its very best when the festive season rolls around. [...]
Posted On: 2019-07-09 14:10:55 ; Read: 1335 time(s)
Wallpaper can have a huge impact on the look and feel of an interior. Whether you cover an entire room in your favourite design or accent the space with an eye-catching feature wall, a stylish wallpaper pattern can add instant personality and colour to your home. [...]
Posted On: 2019-05-23 17:14:36 ; Read: 924 time(s)
With long days flooding our homes with light and warmth, summer is always a fantastic time of year for interior design. It’s not surprising that many designers are inspired by the summer months when it comes to creating prints, patterns and products. Taking their cues from the natural world and the eye-catching colours of the season, interior des [...]
Posted On: 2019-03-28 12:08:35 ; Read: 1205 time(s)
The days are getting longer, the trees are getting greener and there are finally Creme Eggs back in the shops. This can mean only one thing: spring has sprung. The perfect time of year to get your home in order and invest in your interior, spring offers the ideal opportunity to make your home that little bit more beautiful. [...]
Posted On: 2018-11-15 17:51:04 ; Read: 940 time(s)
We all love to feel house proud, whether that’s down to our stylish living room, our cosy bedroom or our stunning garden. But, when it comes to pinpointing the heart of the home, there’s no denying that this title belongs to the kitchen. [...]
Posted On: 2017-11-24 11:44:20 ; Read: 919 time(s)
Christmas is just around the corner, millions of households around the country have already begun to decorate their homes ready for the festive season. From covering the outside of the house in lights to erecting modern, minimalist trees and creating magical family friendly interiors, the UK’s homes are well and truly getting in the mood for Chri [...]