Summer Vibes - Going Coastal

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Wallpaper can have a huge impact on the look and feel of an interior. Whether you cover an entire room in your favourite design or accent the space with an eye-catching feature wall, a stylish wallpaper pattern can add instant personality and colour to your home. 

To ensure we offer our customers an unrivalled choice of high-quality wallpaper options, new for this summer, we’re including the work of acclaimed designer Jessica Osborne. This means our website is now home to even more new and exciting wallpaper products that are ideal for homes of all styles. Keep reading to find out more. 
London-based designer Jessica Osborne takes inspiration for her wallpaper patterns from her childhood home in Yorkshire. She launched her first British traditionally printed wallpaper collection in autumn 2018 and since then has gone on to produce a number of stylish and original designs.

Jessica Osborne’s wallpaper designs are traditionally printed, giving you a fantastic look and unique finish. Osborne’s Boat Wheel wallpaper is available in either Mallorca Orange or Salcombe Blue.

Going coastal

Coastal themes work incredibly well in homes of all shapes and sizes. Cool coastal colours can help you to create relaxing, calm interiors while maritime imagery works very well with reclaimed furniture and rattan accessories. As coastal themes are so versatile, they can be used in homes located in towns and cities as well as those by the sea. If you’re based in the countryside or in an urban area, use coastal motifs to transform your home into a place of sanctuary and to give it a stylish new look. 

You can incorporate coastal imagery to your interior in a variety of ways. As well as using Jessica Osborne’s wallpaper designs to introduce seaside motifs, you can bring coastal ideas into your interior using accessories, furnishings and other feature pieces. By using accessories and furniture to create your new look, you can easily add to your theme to get the perfect look for your home. 


Natural and neutral, rattan has long been associated with the coast. Using rattan furniture and accessories is therefore a great way to give your home a stylish seaside aesthetic. You’ll find a selection of rattan pieces in our collection, including rattan mirrors, rattan coffee tables and rattan stools. Mix and match these products to add fantastic features to your home and instantly transform your interior. 


Lighting is an important part of any interior design scheme and no matter what look you want to achieve, it’s well worth spending time thinking about your lighting design and how you want the space to look after dark. To give your home lighting a coastal twist, use lamps and lampshades that are blue, white or distressed. Lamps that have wooden supports or other wooden elements can also help to add a coastal look to your home. 

Our Rowley Natural Wood Tripod with a navy shade is the perfect choice if you want to add height and drama to your home lighting scheme. Place the lamp in the corner of your room to create an eye-catching pool of light and make the space feel warm and cosy. 

If you want to combine natural materials with a coastal lighting look, opt for one of our round rattan and bamboo lanterns. These eye-catching pieces are hand-woven and come complete with a leather handle and aqua-coloured glass holder. Their distressed finished will fit in perfectly with your coastal theme and help you to create a fantastic looking interior after dark. 

You can make your coastal look part of the fabric of your interior by swapping your existing pendant lights for our glass bubble lampshades. Reminiscent of the glass that’s often washed up on the seashore, these light blue pieces will add instant height and interest to your interior. 

Another fantastic glass piece in our lighting collection is our olive-green table lamp with linen shade. By combining glass and linen in this stylish design, the lamp instantly evokes images of ships and the seaside, making it perfect for your new interior. 


Although clocks may not be the first thing you think of when it comes to coastal imagery, they are a great way to add some extra detail to walls throughout your home. Choose a Hemsby wooden wall clock, a Smarty Iron Clock with roman numerals or a bleached wooden wall clock to give your walls the coastal treatment and ensure they complement your interior design theme perfectly. 

Vases and bowls

Vases and bowls are a great way to add colour and emphasis to your coastal interior. Place our Phoenix Ribbed Cylindrical vases on your windowsills or tables to bring the colours of the coast into your home. Our Oasis Blue Abstract Glass vase will also work perfectly with a seaside theme. 

You can add greenery and visual interest to your interior by investing in some of our rattan planters. Our Toba set of two rattan drypots are perfect for cacti, yuccas and other long-lasting plants while almost anything can be placed in our rattan stripe contrast planter. 

Creating your interior

Creating a stylish coastal interior could be easier than you think. Using just a few accessories and a little expert know-how, you could completely transform your home and turn it into a real seaside stunner. 

For summer, incorporate Jessica Osborne’s collection, along with other designer wallpaper options such as Casamance and Zoffany, into your home. Andrea, our interior designer, can help you to create the perfect aesthetic. She’ll talk you through your renovation project from start to finish, offering advice and guidance and making it easier than ever to transform your home and create the look you’ve always wanted. 

To find out more about the Jessica Osborne products, or to browse our extensive range of other stunning items, take a look around our site or get in touch with a member of our expert team today.

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