5 ways to incorporate the contemporary look into your kitchen

Posted On: 2018-11-15 17:51:04 ; Read: 700 time(s)

Katie Georgeson is from kitchen appliance manufacturer Stoves. Here, she shares her top five tips for transforming your kitchen into a contemporary cooking space.

We all love to feel house proud, whether that’s down to our stylish living room, our cosy bedroom or our stunning garden. But, when it comes to pinpointing the heart of the home, there’s no denying that this title belongs to the kitchen. This room is multi-purpose, providing us a space to eat, cook and occasionally socialise in. And, as we spend so much time here, it’s only right that you’ll want to give it the royal treatment when it comes to décor. 

Designing your kitchen can be incredibly fun, but with so many styles and trends to try out it can get overwhelming. The contemporary home trend has been more prominent recently, so why not try your hand at this? Here, I’ll be sharing my top tips for creating an ultra-modern kitchen that you’re bound to love spending time in.

Choose an on-trend colour scheme

Many people like to play it safe with neutral colour schemes to ensure a timeless look. But, when it comes to contemporary design, you’re encouraged to embrace a colourful and more modern colour scheme. Dusty pinks, autumnal burnt orange, radiant crimson and dreamy ocean blue are just some of the colours you can choose to transform your kitchen into a contemporary haven. There are plenty of options for all home personalities, whether you want to choose a loud and bold colour, or you’d prefer to stick with subtleties, the trending colours this season give you the option to do both.

Incorporate integrated appliances

While your freestanding appliances may have served you well so far, contemporary kitchens tend to be seamless and streamlined, so consider upgrading to integrated. Built-in appliances take up less room and give a more cohesive finish to your cooking space. This is a great way to conceal bulky appliances and make sure they don’t stick out. And, best of all, you can buy almost any of your appliances in a built-in style, meaning there are plenty of designs to pick from.

If you're changing your cabinetry at the same time, consider handle-less gloss designs for an ultra-modern approach. I suggest going for a white laminate finish for a timeless aesthetic or opting for a popular colour like sage to inject a pop of subtle contemporary colour to your kitchen.

Consider an open-plan design

If you’re willing to make a larger change to your home, an open-plan design could be the perfect way to lend a contemporary look to your kitchen. If you love cooking and having guests round for dinner parties, an open-plan space that combines cooking and socialising will be a great solution for keeping everyone entertained all the way through food preparation to cleaning up the dishes.

This can also give a more relaxed and stripped-back style and has the ability to make your home look more inviting and homely to guests. Plus, you’ll make use of every inch of your kitchen. If you like the idea but would still want some definition between the kitchen and living room, I recommend getting a show-stopping kitchen table and chair set to break up the space — marble is very on-trend and will give your home an undeniably luxury look.

Add industrial touches

One of the simplest ways to add modernity to your kitchen is to incorporate industrial touches. This interior trend has been a strong favourite throughout 2018 and is still being recommended. Don’t be put off: this doesn’t mean turning your entire home into a catering kitchen. Instead, I suggest adding some statement steel accessories or surfaces to give your home the ultimate contemporary look.

You could do this by switching your smaller appliances like kettles and toasters out for steel alternatives, creating a hanging utensil rack, or choosing a mismatched steel island worktop. Not only will these things look great, but the durability of the metal will make sure your contemporary kitchen looks brand new for years to come.

Give it a laminate finish

Modernity usually focuses on sleek, smooth and shiny surfaces, and what better way to incorporate this into your home than with laminate surfaces? Whether you decide to go with a timeless white, luxury black or another bold colour, these high-shine materials will make sure your worktops and cabinetry always look spick and span.

You can even opt for natural wooden-look laminate if you want to create a loft-style appearance in your kitchen. If you’re not a fan of laminate, solid quartz and marble worktops both have the same ultra-polished aesthetic, so you can choose one of these instead.

Keeping up with contemporary trends can be difficult, especially when you’ve had the same kitchen style for years. But, with my top five tips, you’ll be well on your way to creating a modern kitchen that’ll be the envy of all your guests.

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