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  • Grey Framed Mirrored Wall Clock
    This Grey Framed Mirrored Wall Clock will add a sense of style to any modern home or office. Light in weight this contemporary clock with a mirrored background is an ideal way to help to reflect light and brighten any room, stylishly finished with a grey metal frame. Dimensions: WxDxH: Cm: 68 ..
    £89.95 £95.00
  • Contemporary Marble Wall Clock
    Decorate your walls with Scandi style, this Contemporary Marble Wall Clock offers a sleek and stylish display. Heavy in weight, this striking circular clock is white with a complimentary silver aluminium trim and grey centre insert. Black display hands complete the minimalistic finish. Dimensi..
    £100.00 £112.00
  • Metal Skeletal Wall Clock Large
    This striking light weight Metal Skeletal Wall Clock Large with Copper coloured numeral detail will add a little vintage charm to your home accessories. The arms of the clock are gold coloured which compliments the overall distressed style. (Quartz movement) making this a perfect addition to your ..
    £56.00 £57.50
  • Skeleton Mirror Wall Clock
    This striking Skeleton Mirror Wall Clock displays vintage charm, a large metal clock with Roman numerals in a black matt finish. An industrial themed clock at 80 cm in diameter which would be suitable for any modern home or office. Dimensions: WxDxH: Cm 80 x 4.5 x 80 Please note: Ensure yo..
    £130.00 £140.00
  • Oversized Skeleton Mirror Wall Clock
    Create a statement and be on time with this amazing Oversized Skeleton Mirror Wall Clock a dramatic accessory at 1m diameter. Large Roman numerals are proudly displayed on a black metal frame with a mirrored glass back plate, an ideal display to reflect light in any room. Dimensions: WxDxH: ..
    £215.00 £230.00
  • Bleached Wooden Wall Clock
    Style your home and embrace a little coastal charm with this wonderful Bleached Wooden Wall Clock. Displaying a large statement face with white numeral and dial detail. This would make a perfect accessory for your kitchen, compliment with nautical accessories to really create a stylish theme for sum..
    £112.00 £125.00
  • Geo Web Wall Clock - Copper
    This Geo Web Wall Clock – Copper offers contemporary design. A stylish transparent clock which is intricately designed in thin metal spokes, complimented with a copper colour finish. A perfect home accessory to create a dramatic display in any modern home. Complete with hooks for hanging purpos..
  • Pastels Wall Clock with Roman Numerals
    A unique wall decoration, this Pastels Wall Clock with Roman Numerals will add a touch of colour to any room. A delightful round metal clock with a skeletal frame which displays rustic charm, offering character to any modern home or office. Dimensions: WxDxH: Cm: 68 x 4.5x 68 Please not..
    £75.00 £79.99
  • Harston Off -  White Mantel Clock
    Celebrate retro style with this Harston Off-White Mantel Clock. An artisan made product with its own unique style and finish. Standing proud with its strong design the central circular white clock face is complimented with a silver aluminium shiny rim. Clock hands and numerals in black complete the ..
    £38.50 £48.00
  • Smarty Iron Clock Roman Numerals Coloured Domed Glass
    Add a little colour to your home accessories with this light weight black framed Smarty Iron Clock Roman Numerals, featuring Coloured Domed Glass. A wonderful quirky stylish clock with a see-through design that will compliment any wall colour, making this a perfect accessory for your home or office...
  • Midas Antique Glass Mirror Wall Clock
    Create a statement display with this dramatic Midas Antique Glass Mirror Wall Clock. A modern distressed (foxed) finish that will offer show stopping style in any home, whatever your theme. With an antique finish and complimented with aged wooden Roman numerals in gold, this heavy circular cl..
    £140.00 £199.00
  • Ambassador Square Clock- Large
    This Ambassador Square Clock- Large is a true statement piece standing proud with display feet detail,along with an ornate handle on the top. Complete with Roman Numerals on a white face boldly displaying the time (Quartz Movement) Dimensions: WxDxH:Cm: 38 x 12 x 50  Small: WxDxH:Cm:26 ..
    £130.00 £159.00
  • Jefferson Rectangular Leather and Nickel Mantel Clock
    This elegant Jefferson Rectangular Leather and Nickel Mantel Clock will look stylish in any home. Nickel plated and finished in a high polished silver metal, featuring Roman Numerals with a shiny metal trim and display feet. Complimented with a tan leather handle with contrast stitching. Dimen..
    £99.00 £110.00
  • Round Skeletal Mantel Clock
    Display a touch of vintage charm with this beautiful Round Skeletal Mantel Clock. The skeletal design in shiny black is complimented with contrasting copper coloured Roman numerals. The curved display offers old fashioned charm, suitable for any home or office. Dimensions: WxDxH: Cm: 80 x 4 ..
    £89.95 £112.00
  • Hemsby Wooden Wall Clock - Small
      This stylish Hemsby Wooden Wall Clock – Small is part of a coastal inspired collection. Hand finished with decorative horizontal planks of wood which have been slightly bleached for authenticity and charm. White acrylic pinned details provides texture and compliment the natural overal..
  • Smarty Iron Clock With Roman Numerals - Blue
    On –Trend soft inky blue tones are displayed through this stylish Smarty Iron Clock with Roman Numerals - Blue , a striking modern design in aged metal, would make a statement in any modern home or office. Dimensions: WxDxH: Cm: 70 x 13.5 x 70 Please note: Ensure the desired area of your cho..
  • Amesbury Nickel Mantel Clock Large
    This Amesbury Nickel Clock-large is a wonderful classical design that is perfect for any mantel or bedside table. A timeless piece, complete with a white face and delicate top ring detail with a high polished finish.   Dimensions:  Extra Large : WxDxH:Cm: 26 x 7 x 34  ..
    £59.99 £69.99
  • Large Paperweight Clock
    This Large Paperweight Clock is truly a work of Art! A stunning piece of Ornamentation for your home or office. (Quartz movement) featuring gold coloured Cogs are visible through the glass.The shiny nickel casing enables a standing position or alternatively complete with hanging loop for display pur..
    £140.00 £160.00
  • Rectangular Table Clock - Mango Wood
    Mantel Clocks can offer a great sense of style to modern homes, this Rectangular Table Clock in Mango Wood would be a decorative addition for any modern home or office. Long narrow contemporary style with a natural wood finish and an off- white face, complimented with aluminium fittings. Dimen..
    £95.00 £99.00
  • Antique White skeleton Wall Clock
    Update your home décor with this Antique White skeleton Wall Clock, a timeless looking light weight clock with distressed appeal. Designed with a strong iron frame and Roman numeral detail, this stylish wall clock will add a touch of character to any home and compliment any chosen wall colour. ..
    £63.00 £68.00
  • Oversized Metal Skeletal Wall Clock
    Make a statement with this Oversized Metal Skeletal Wall Clock with Copper coloured numeral detail. A light weight clock in antique black with a contemporary distressed finish offering vintage appeal, this is certainly a clock to admire in any home or office.  Dimensions: WxDxH: Cm: 100..
    £110.00 £115.00
  • Antique Grey Skeleton Wall Clock
    Update your home with this Antique Grey Skeleton Wall Clock which displays true industrial charm. A modern striking light weight clock with a contrasting two tone effect. Its wonderful skeletal design with Roman numerals enables you to display your complimentary wall colour or wallpaper. Making this..
    £75.00 £75.00
  • Nickel Aviator Wall Clock - Small
    Aviation enthusiasts will enjoy this striking clock with vintage appeal, featuring compass style markers and an aircraft motif. This Nickel Aviator Wall Clock – Small with black detail will be a smart addition to any modern home, a contemporary wall clock with a sleek Nickel Plated rim. Also av..
    £99.00 £110.00
  • Selwyn Round Nickel Wall Clock
    Ensure you are always on time with this stylish Selwyn Round Nickel Wall Clock. A sleek modern clock design with a high shine polished finish, complimented with bold black Roman numerals on a white background. A striking accessory for any modern home Dimensions: WxDxH:Cm: 42 x 6 x 42..
    £84.90 £89.99

Welcome to United Furnishings Clock section where you will find a variety of beautifully designed and carefully selected clocks to suit all. 

Clocks in this day and age go much further than the older cuckoo clock, with different sizes, shapes, colours and materials making it easier to select the perfect clock for your home.

United Furnishings have selected some of the finest clocks not to mention the best trending to include in our collection from Mantel and table clocks to large hanging wall clocks or clocks with an exquisite finish.

When it’s time to accessorise your home with a great looking clock you should ask yourself two questions.

What size clock would work well in your home?

Think about whether you’re looking for a large clock to compliment a blank wall or maybe a small ornamental clock to sit neatly on your bedside table. Deciding what you’re looking for will help when it jumps out at you (singing cuckoo or not)

What style clock would work well in your home?

Including a clock in your home can make a big impact so make sure the one you choose works well with the other accessories you already have in your home. Even if you decide to choose a small simple but fun clock for your mantel piece this can make the visual of your room seem different in an instant so take your time when choosing the right design for your clock 

United Furnishings can help you choose the right clock for you and will work with you to ensure you are completely satisfied. Our excellent selection team are relied upon to pick out the most popular, sophisticated, and beautifully appealing clocks for all types of designs. So no matter what type of clock you may be looking for in your home, United Furnishings are sure to have exactly what you need. 

Browse through our stunning selection today and make the clock you choose, the best statement piece in your home! 

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